Noism - Plus-Minus (Digipak CD)

Noism - Plus-Minus (Digipak CD)

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The first real release from the Japanese glitch / shred duo NOISM, following their appearance on the Relapse compilation Drummachinegun and a series of demos. Formed by guitarist Yoshiro Hamazaki and programmer Tomoyuki Akiyama in 1999 in Tokyo, NOISM focuses on ridiculously complex and spastic death / grind instrumentals using programmed drums that are cut up and spliced back together into impossible rhythms, a million brain-melting riffs and dissonant shredding, all of which is chopped up and processed into abstract death blasts that defy physics. This twelve-song, twenty-one minute disc features a unique, glitched-out chop shop of Planet Mu-style beats delivered at truly meth'd levels of chaos fused with sweeping technical death metal. Insane. Highly recommended for fans of extreme, way-out avant-guitar spazz and absurdly technical deathgrind.


Track listing

  1. Man-I-C
  2. DTM
  3. Zaporojets
  4. Death-Meta-Logic
  5. BPM
  7. No, Cut And Drag
  8. Computer Illiterate
  10. I'm Not In A Band
  11. NOIST
  12. ADHDHD