NON / Boyd Rice - Back to Mono (Digipak CD)

NON / Boyd Rice - Back to Mono (Digipak CD)

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Boyd Rice / NON announces the release of a new album, Back To Mono, in October 2012. Back To Mono is a return to Boyd Rice's noise roots, and the first new album since 2002's Children Of The Black Sun.

Credited with having developed a pioneering sampler; the Noise Manipulation Unit Boyd delved into California's avant-garde scene in the late 1970s.
Says Rice, "I was doing sample-based music about a decade before the advent of samplers, when everyone else was using bass, guitars, keyboards and drums. It has been said that I invented the first sampler. Perhaps I did. At the time I called it the N.M.U. (or noise manipulation unit). It allowed me to essentially sample numerous tracks of noise and mould them into rudimentary rhythms. This was my principle instrument for a good many years and can be heard on Back to Mono, in the late 70's archival recordings."


Track listing

  1. Turn Me On, Dead Man
  2. Watusi
  3. Back to Mono
  4. Seven Sermons to the Dead
  5. Obey Your Signal Only
  6. Man Cannot Flatter Fate
  7. Scream
  8. Back to Mono (Live)
  9. Turn Me On, Dead Man (Reprise)
  10. Fire Shall Come
  11. Warm Leatherette


It is interesting that rather than just being a new Non release, the cover of this album is both credited to Non as well as Boyd Rice, which in many ways will draw those who know of his non-musical noteriety into the thrall of a well-composed Noise record. The atmospheres on this release will certainly be pleasing to those who have been awaiting Non's return to these sort of soundscapes for many years now... Although disguised as a step back, "Back To Mono" shows Boyd Rice very affirmatively taking a step forward both as a persona and, most importantly, as a sound artist. Hopefully, this is not the last excursion back into the world of noise, and only the beginning. - 5/5