Nordgeist - Frostwinter (Digipak CD)

Nordgeist - Frostwinter (Digipak CD)

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NORDGEIST originated in the Siberian city of Bratsk in Irkutsk Oblast at the mouths of the rivers Oka and the mighty Angara. Once the nomadic Buryat people, related to the Mongols, settled this area, known for their close ties to nature. Bratsk is located in the subarctic climate zone and the dark winters there are correspondingly long and frosty.
The sources of inspiration of T, the mysterious musician and creative mind behind NORDGEIST are therefore easy to find. Her interpretation of black metal is obviously heavily influenced by the Nordic scene, which shares T's penchant for sublime melodies and cinematic soundscapes. However, the Russian adds a stormy dose of harsh rage.
After forming in 2017, NORDGEIST already drew the attention of the black underground the following year with the split release "Nordwinter" together with VINTERKULT.
Now NORDGEIST unleash their raging debut album "Frostwinter" like an ice storm from Siberia.


Track listing

  1. Зима (Winter)
  2. Старый волк (The Old Wolf)
  3. Возмездие (Revenge)
  4. Тоска (Sorrow)