Noroth - Harbinger (LP)

Noroth - Harbinger (LP)

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Second full length release from Seattle based trio, NOROTH. Harbinger continues the path laid forth on the well-received debut, 2020's It Dwells Among Us (Caligari Records) churning out 8 tracks of primitive skull crushing death sludge recalling the epoch of death metal inhabited by mid-paced monstrosities like AUTOPSY, WINTER, HELLHAMMER, and CIANIDE. Harbinger is a linear story, and a speculative fiction which the listener follows through the 8 tracks of the album. It was written during the winter of 2020 in isolation. The lyrics reflect not only anxiety and turmoil of that moment, but also the growing horror many feel as it becomes clear, it's likely too late to save life on this planet. The lyrics convey the disgust and rage of the writer, towards a species and a system that has chosen not only to commit suicide, but ecocide as well.


Track listing

  1. Prologue
  2. Echoes of Affliction
  3. Rot of Our Dominion
  4. The Great Reaping
  5. Flayed Bodies
  6. Self Evisceration
  7. Fabricated Gods
  8. All in Sable
  9. The Last Day