Northaunt - Barren Land (Cassette)

Northaunt - Barren Land (Cassette)

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Exclusive bonus track: To conclude this tape we have included "Winter II". This piece was recorded at the same time and place as the original Barren Land but not included on the original CD.

Barren Land is a masterpiece of nature inspired and sampled ambience. Recorded on the Artic island of Spitsbergen and completed in early 2003, this is the official cassette edition. Colour booklet and factory made tapes.
Over an hour, NORTHAUNT craft an epic, frozen, beautiful atmosphere into which you escape and will want to return many times.

Hærleif noted the coordinates for several recording locations, here they are! The tracks which use samples at this location, the coordinates and a link to the location (Google Maps).

1, 2, 6, 7, 10: 63°N 10°E
4, 5, 8, 9: 78°N 15°E
3: 61°N 46°W + 63°N 10°E


Track listing

  1. Dying Day - Dawn and Ashes
  2. A Silent Battle
  3. Kapp Farvel
  4. Whiteout
  5. Laid Bare Beneath the Stars
  6. Just Another Cold Spring
  7. Lost Days
  8. Varghjerte
  9. The Fire
  10. Shadows over the Barren Land
  11. Winter II


The sound is sumptuous, the sampled atmosphere is crystal-clear, fermenting an ever-evolving stereo experience buoyed through the minutiae within each sculpted locations. - 5/5