Northern Darkness - Volume 2 (Zine)

Northern Darkness - Volume 2 (Zine)

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Second issue of the dedicated English metal zine! Focused on (but not limited to) UK black, death and doom metal bands.

Interviews with: 1349, Witch Mountain, Vehement (UK Black Metal), Grimpen Mire (UK Doom), Sadistik Forest, Nathicana, Frostwork, Centinex, Dystopian Wrath, Hellsworn, Jotnarr, Peacemaker, Exsequor, Ninkharsag, Powerstruggle, Rotting Empire, Bongcauldron, Bludy Gyres, Cnoc an Tursa, Demonic Resurrection, Monumentomb, Nordvrede, Fyrdsman, Of Spire & Throne, Silent Wood, Amulet, Slomatics.

A restrospective review of Entombed's "Morning Star", Blackwood Gather live review and demo/album reviews.