Novus Ordo - At the End of the New Times (CD)

Novus Ordo - At the End of the New Times (CD)

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Chilean artist NOVUS ORDO presents their debut release titled At the End of the New Times. NOVUS ORDO's style is pure cold black metal played with a furious ferocity which thematically stories a world bereft of light and mercy. Respites are few during the nine chapters with only brief bows to the darkness at hand.


Track listing

  1. Hados and Destinies
  2. When Horns Call to the Battle
  3. At the End of the New Times
  4. Visions of the New Eon
  5. Hibernus
  6. Gathered in the Vision of the Black Sun
  7. In the Trance of the Green Path and the Other Light
  8. At the Gates of the Blazing Sudpolar Circle
  9. When Ignorance Becomes Faith