Nuit Noire / Call Me Loretta - Split (EP)

Nuit Noire / Call Me Loretta - Split (EP)

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Two quite different bands from Toulouse, France come together for this split 7".

The tracks from France's NUIT NOIRE are: "In the Very Old Forest"--a fast, hysterical song in the vein of the Lunar Deflagration album. "Moonbath" -this is a recent recording of a great track from their unreleased first album "Inner Light". "Inner Light" will be released with some big changes in the future, but until then hear Moonbath to get a feel for that amazing LP!
Cover includes lyrics for both tracks.
This is likely to be the first encounter with France's CALL ME LORETTA for many viewing this. They play a soft, hollow and depressed, rock style. Two unreleased recordings. The first track is an almost jazzy narrative piece, the verses spoken. The second track is a simple and effective guitar and vocal dirge. This is grey melancholic music. Maybe accentuated by these two tracks as they lack some of the tempo of other recordings.

Limited to 500 copies in Red semi-transparent vinyl.


Track listing

  1. In the Very Very Old Forest
    Nuit Noire
  2. Moonbath
    Nuit Noire
  3. Each Dawn I Die
    Call Me Loretta
  4. Smart Heart
    Call Me Loretta