Nuit Noire - Deluge of Starlight (LP)

Nuit Noire - Deluge of Starlight (LP)

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The sixth album from NUIT NOIRE! Unparalled uniqueness. 14 new songs of moonlight fantasy blasting punk!


Track listing

  1. La Foret Legendaire
  2. Do You Want Faerie?
  3. All I Want is Starlight
  4. Letter to Humans
  5. The Moon Behind the Hill
  6. My Pretty Lunar Blade
  7. Flying Palace
  8. Constellations of Silver
  9. Thank You Fairies
  10. Princess Starlight
  11. My Dream of Last Night
  12. Moonkiss Starkiss
  13. Clair de Lune
  14. On Saturday Night