Nuit Noire - Fantomatic Plenitude (CD)

Nuit Noire - Fantomatic Plenitude (CD)

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The first half includes nine of the latest recordings from the French eccentric genius Tenebras! Recorded February-July 2007. Guitars sound as ethereal as they ever did, Emile joins on vocals as on Infantile Espieglery.

The second half of the CD is a live recording from June 16, 2006 - Tapette Fest. It was a great recording anyway but has been mixed and mastered for this release! Nine tracks taken from Lunar Deflagration, Furibond Elegance EP and some older titles like Nightwind and of course Lutina!! Featuring Nicoblast on drums.

Another excellent release from Tenebras. Recommended! Make sure you look out for the split 7" coming January which features another two tracks recorded during the Fantomatic Plenitude sessions!


Track listing

  1. Les fées volent dans la nuit
  2. I Am a Fairy
  3. Feel the Night
  4. Fantomatic Plenitude
  5. Travel
  6. Nuit blanche
  7. I Love You
  8. Grand chêne
  9. Walk Away
  10. Magical Blast (Live)
  11. Nightwind (Live)
  12. Fairies of Paper (Live)
  13. Poussière d'étoiles (Live)
  14. Shooting Stars (Live)
  15. Lutina (Live)
  16. Furibond Elegance (Live)
  17. Voice of the Night (Live)
  18. Tourbillon (Live)