Nuit Noire - Furibond Elegance (EP) Nuit Noire - Furibond Elegance (EP)

Nuit Noire - Furibond Elegance (EP)

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Here at last, Nuit Noire's second 7"EP! Comes in white card sleeve with handwritten (every copy individually prepared!) title and insert with lyrics. Black wax, white label.

The EP consists of four tracks continuing in the vein of the material found on "Lunar Deflagration". Fast and energetic music with light alive melodies, frantic drums and sung/desperately howled vocals!
The title, Furibond, would translate to "very angry".

A familiar start for the EP as this is possibly most like 'Lunar Deflagration' sound/style-wise. The shortest track (just over two minutes) it flies through the first half then leads into a slower greatly melodic part.
Track with the slowest guitar-sections. The guitar plays an isolated forlorn tune with simple cymbal and strange spring-sound effect. It does speed up for the 'chorus' parts and then finally rests into mid-pace, with the two-line vocal repeated over as the music/effects run into the almost-chaotic climax.

Second favourite song. Vocals start well sung and become more hysterical as the music gathers pace. Guitars give great build-up as the song progresses.
Highlight. Guitars in this track are amazing, and combined with the drum timing, spring around with such life and energy. Starting with speed, they soften as the drum shifts tempo and dance around effortlessly. Pulsating bright light within the dark forest as voices strain from sung to howled.
This will prove to be a great EP continuing from the Lunar Deflagration album - continuing with consistently killer night music!


Track listing

  1. Shooting Stars
  2. Furibond Elegance
  3. Moon
  4. Mystery II