Nuit Noire / His Electro Blue Voice - Split (EP)

Nuit Noire / His Electro Blue Voice - Split (EP)

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NUIT NOIRE completes re-recording of tracks from the unreleased 'album' "Inner Light" (previous instalments were splits with CALL ME LORETTA and CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS).
Opening the Portal and Faerie Punk (originally Faerie Metal) are the first and last tracks from Inner Light.
Both tracks were recorded Feb-July 2007 during the Fantomatic Plenitude sessions.

HEBV are a gloomy, noisy group inspired by early eighties gothic/post-punk. Their only other release so far has been the EP Fog b/w Das.
"Call" is their darkest song. A sombre fusion of late 70s post-punk with horror-rock style organ & effects!


Track listing

  1. Opening the Portal
    Nuit Noire
  2. Faerie Punk
    Nuit Noire
  3. Call
    His Electro Blue Voice