Nuit Noire - Infantile Espieglery (2014 Reissue) (LP)

Nuit Noire - Infantile Espieglery (2014 Reissue) (LP)

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New vinyl edition of this GREAT album!! Uses the same hand-made design with all the lyrics on an extra insert.

Todestrieb Records is honoured to present the new album from France's NUIT NOIRE!!! "Infantile Espieglery" was recorded from January to July 2006. Tenebras (guitar, vocals, and drums) is joined on vocals for the first time by Émilie (also vocalist in Monarch, as Eurogirl).

Faerical blasting punk. Less a genre, more an abstract impression of Nuit Noire: Blasting punk - an inimitable mixture of intense drumming and beautifully singular guitars. Natural, unrestrained, atypical vocals sing out in admiration of those Night creatures that light the darkness, aided only by moonlight shadows cast in the forest, hidden from all humanity. A childish attitude, sense of alienation from the rest of the adult world. A subject first broached on "La Clairière" (Once Upon a Night... demo 2000), expanded in "Lunar Deflagration", now most explicit.

Comes sealed, printed on recycled paper with handmade design including all handwritten lyrics on school paper.

A surprise for long time fans of the band is that the album opens with a new recording of one of their earliest songs, "Creatures of the Night" which you may remember from the very first demo "Dans la Nuit"!!

The purist magical Night worshipping Art!


Track listing

  1. Creatures of the Night
  2. Are You Ready for the Night?
  3. Turn On Your Light
  4. Alone?
  5. Scrapheap!
  6. Join Me in the Night
  7. Enfant Spectre
  8. Les Êtres de Lumière
  9. Dans le Noir
  10. Rêve de Nuit
  11. Fairies Fuck Humans
  12. Never Be Like You
  13. Osmose
  14. Immature Attitude


Next to affordable, quality vinyl, my second-favorite (musical) thing is Nuit Noire... Wild as ever and even more whimsical and, for the most part, more (wild-ass) punk than (equally wild) BM, He Of The Pouting Voice perpetually races to the finish line with each of these 14 compositions, drums ambling, shambling and rambling and just fucking urgent, wonderfully instinctual and unrestrained, his six strings of sorcery in kind swooshing and swooning, laying it on thick with ghostly chords and peeling back with Those Melodies that seemingly get richer, creamier and dreamier with time despite the comparative delicacy. Not the most standard descriptions for a (still-kinda) BM record, but Nuit Noire is far from yer standard (still-kinda) BM band. - 5/5