Nuit Noire - Inner Light (LP)

Nuit Noire - Inner Light (LP)

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The story of Inner Light in short: Following a series of incredible demos Tenebras and Akhron began to record their debut album in 2003. During the recording Tenebras decided to shift vocal style from his forest howls to the now-familiar singing (which Aquarius once described as a mix between Roz Williams and Mark E. Smith).
The fallout from the vocal change is an important distraction - it became the last recording between the brothers. But considering the following 12 years of music, we can regard the vocals on this album as transitional. The music is vintage late demo era NUIT NOIRE - magical and atmospheric black metal. Furious blasting drums from Akhron, an impressive final performance! A tone and playing style unlike anything else from Tenebras. You can easily trace the evolution of their playing from the first demo to the last. The NUIT NOIRE "sound" was found early, the skill and abilities improved vastly over the first five years. This album is the peak of their execution. Quand la nuit tombe for example (first recorded for the Once Upon a Night demo) demonstrates how they've improved in every way.
Whatever turmoil this album caused, with over ten years hindsight it can be viewed, hopefully, with some objectivity as one of their greatest accomplishments. It's also one of the best unreleased albums, now at last unearthed! You may have heard some of the new songs, Tenebras re-recorded them alone for later splits with CALL ME LORETTA, CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS and HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE, but not like this... two brothers calling on night spirits somewhere in Southern France, producing some of the best music we've heard.
Inner Light has existed in tape trading circles for years but I don't think any of us expected it to ever be more than that. To finally have an official release in best quality is the most welcome news this year! Available now on vinyl. More formats will follow later on Todestrieb Records.


Track listing

  1. Opening the Portal
  2. In the Very Very Old Forest
  3. Lutina
  4. Can You See the Light?
  5. Storm in the Night
  6. Moonbath
  7. Quand la Nuit Tombe
  8. Faerie Metal