Nuit Noire - Join the Stars (Cassette)

Nuit Noire - Join the Stars (Cassette)

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A new collection of rare and unreleased material by NUIT NOIRE!

The first two songs were recorded in 2005 during the CALL ME LORETTA 'split' session. Both of these are previously unreleased. Join Me in the Night (which would later be recorded for the second album Infantile Espieglery) and a cover of CALL ME LORETTA's Leafless Mind. Leafless Mind has special meaning for NUIT NOIRE - it was the song played by Tenebras and Akhron as warm up before performing their own songs. This version was recorded by Tenebras alone at the request of CALL ME LORETTA's guitarist Sebastian.

The third song is from the compilation album Triumpf of Complete and Utter Darkness, released by the great Desastrious Records (USA) in 2001. This song would be recorded for Black Form that same year.

The fourth song is the most recent, a cover of "Lady Gaga Paparazzi" from 2010 during the Pleine Lune session. This song was posted on the NUIT NOIRE myspace page in 2010, but has never had an official release.


Track listing

  1. Join Me in the Night
  2. Leafless Mind (Call Me Loretta cover)
  3. Poussiere d'etoiles
  4. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga cover)