Nuit Noire - Sa majeste la nuit (CD)

Nuit Noire - Sa majeste la nuit (CD)

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NUIT NOIRE's seventh album now on CD with a special bonus exclusive to this edition: previously unreleased complete (three of the songs were included on the 1998 split tape with ARKHAM) demo Haunting Shadows!


Track listing

  1. Sous la lune
  2. The One
  3. A Dance in the Night
  4. Au pays des fées
  5. Have You Ever Been in the Night?
  6. I Wanna Live the Night
  7. Sa majesté la nuit
  8. Il était une fois sur la terre
  9. La Pluie
  10. Run
  11. Haunting Shadows Bonus
  12. The Castle Bonus
  13. La crypte Bonus
  14. La danse de la lune Bonus