Nuit Noire - The Gigantic Hideout (CD)

Nuit Noire - The Gigantic Hideout (CD)

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One of this world's most idiosyncratic musical projects! NUIT NOIRE delivers another inspired, creative and unique album; essential for fans of Infantile Espieglery and Lunar Deflagration.
Recorded from February to June 2010, mixed and mastered in January 2011. No synth, sample or computer used on this album, just guitar, voice, drums and percussions performed with a lot of Faerie by Tenebras.

Pro CD in black paper wallet with fold-out/wrap-around booklet.


Track listing

  1. Fäerie Little Girl
  2. Douce nuit
  3. Hiding in the Dark
  4. Sparkles
  5. My Beloved Tree
  6. Walking Through the Darkness
  7. Shitface
  8. Night Always Links Us
  9. Lucky Charm
  10. Seed of Light
  11. Another Dream
  12. In Love with the Night