Nunslaughter - The Devil's Congeries: Vol 1 (2CD)

Nunslaughter - The Devil's Congeries: Vol 1 (2CD)

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Two disc collection including:

split w/ Bloodsick 7" EP (1997)
split w/ Dekapitator 7" EP (1998)
split w/ Crucifier 7" EP (1999)
Blood Devil 7" EP (1999)
Trifurcate 7" EP (2000)
split w/ Destruktor 7" EP (2002)
Rehearsal 1987 7" EP (2001)
Killed by the Cross 7" EP (1990)
Hell on Germany 7" EP (2001)
Hell on Switzerland 7" EP (2001)
Hell on Spain 7" EP (2002)
Hell on Belgium 7" EP (2001)
Hell on France 7" EP (2004)

Entitled The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1, this 2-CD set is the first of many exhaustive collections that will compile every single short-length NUNSLAUGHTER vinyl release - a band whose discography is bested number-wise only by Japan's Sabbat and Belgium's Agathocles. NUNSLAUGHTER's best work is considered by many to be their 7" EPs, and The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1 displays the band's trademark Devil Metal in all its diabolical 'n' dirty glory, collecting EPs and splits from the late '90s and early 2000s, and capped off by their classic Killed By The Cross 7" debut. Short, sharp shocks are the order of the day here, with 29 studio tracks across disc 1 and the majority of the 'Hell On...' live series on disc 2, thereby making this the definitive studio vs. live NUNSLAUGHTER statement. Topped off by an elaborate booklet archiving each EP's cover artwork and pressing information, The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1 is mandatory metal worship!