Obliteration - Black Death Horizon (CD)

Obliteration - Black Death Horizon (CD)

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"Black Death Horizon" is the first full-length from the old school death metal masters OBLITERATION in 4 years!!


Track listing

  1. The Distant Sun (They Are the Key)
  2. Goat Skull Crown
  3. Transient Passage
  4. Ascendance (Sol Invictus)
  5. Sepulchral Rites
  6. Black Death Horizon
  7. Churning Magma (Outro)


If you want to have your senses dragged through the burial mound, this is where you start. "Black Death Horizon" will leave you little time to brush the dust and cobwebs from your face as you get pulled, feet first, through layers of filth and vile rottenness. If you worship at the throne of ASPHYX, INCANTATION or AUTOPSY, this is for you. OBLITERATION will assault your senses and leave you feeling filthy and violated. This is how Death Metal should sound... - 5/5