Obliteration - Obscured Within (CD) Obliteration - Obscured Within (CD)

Obliteration - Obscured Within (CD)

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Thrash metal, reissue of their solitary Obscured Within album from 1990 originally released on Released Emotions Records, is finally released on CD, remixed, and complete with the bands legendary Into The Void and Internal Corrosion demos from 1989 whilst the booklet contains all lyrics plus photos and memorabilia from the bands own personal collection.


Track listing

  1. Into the Void
  2. Your Choice
  3. Trenchmouth
  4. Inner Dreams
  5. Claustrophobia
  6. Macabre Insanity
  7. Void Existence
  8. Parental Guidance
  9. Earth's Demise
  10. Trenchmouth
  11. Internal Corrosion
  12. Inner Dreams
  13. Your Choice (Life or Death)
  14. Void Existence