Obscure Anachronism - Transcending Mundane Obstacles (CD)

Obscure Anachronism - Transcending Mundane Obstacles (CD)

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Four tracks of trance-inducing black metal - performed with utmost passion and dedication - proclaiming the despise towards the ill-fated lives yet acknowledging the own succumb to the all-devouring essence of deterioration. Transcending Mundane Obstacles isn't a recording which offers an easy walkthrough even though the first impressions might give an opposite feeling. To gain and reach the very essence of OBSCURE ANACHRONISM, one must be willing to give his complete attention and concentration for TMO.
"Finally even the ignorant and the blind have been capable to perceive the fire, which has been blazing behind the misty veil of time ever since the creation."


Track listing

  1. Ecstatical Visions Unfold
  2. Cremation Is Education: Part I
  3. Disaggregation
  4. Entfremdung / Alienation