Obtest - Gyvybes medis (Picture Disc LP)

Obtest - Gyvybes medis (Picture Disc LP)

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Picture disc edition of OBTEST's latest album!


Track listing

  1. Apeigos
  2. Vedlys
  3. Šviesa
  4. Gyvybės medis
  5. Sakalo vaikai
  6. Ąžuolas
  7. Geležinis vilkas
  8. Tai ne pabaiga
  9. Įkaitai


...a superb and original folk metal album which has excited me amidst a sea of stale, samey sounding albums which rely on flighty, silly folk nuance rather than truly embracing an ethnic feel and raging with it. Obtest succeed with flying colors and have earned a spot atop the heap of pagan metal hopefuls. - 5/5