Occvlta / Salute - Split (EP)

Occvlta / Salute - Split (EP)

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British sleaze warlords SALUTE going to battle next to Berlin's OCCVLTA is no surprise as both bands could have easily come the same womb. Both are power-trios, both have their feet planted firmly in the 80's sound where it didn't mattered if you were punk or metal, just as long as you had the right attitude, both are offering two tracks of bulldozing sonic carnage and both ravaged the Live Evil festival stage, curated by Fenriz himself. So you know what to do sinner: wear denim and leather, throw some devil horns, worship Satan and crank it up all the way to 11!


Track listing

  1. The Return to the House I Once Lived In
  2. The Killer
  3. Iron River Iron Rites
  4. Holy Blood