October File - Holy Armour from the Jaws of God (Digipak CD)

October File - Holy Armour from the Jaws of God (Digipak CD)

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OCTOBER FILE are a British post-punk band, named after the DIE KREUZEN album. Their music uses elements of punk, hardcore and industrial metal, often with political overtones.


Track listing

  1. A Munitions Crusade
  2. In My Magnificent Circus
  3. High Octane Climate Changer
  4. Another Day
  5. Hallowed Be Thy Army
  6. Friendly Fire
  7. Blood And Sweet
  8. A Sun That Never Sets
  9. Religion?
  10. So Poor


Global warming, wars, famine, corruption, etc. Yea, there are problems in the world, and these guys would like to do their part in trying to help the world on a grand scale, or at least bring some awareness to the problems. The music behind this, let's be honest, noble message is a very Punk and Hardcore influenced Metal... - 3/5