October File - Our Souls to You (2CD)

October File - Our Souls to You (2CD)

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OCTOBER FILE are a British post-punk band, named after the DIE KREUZEN album. Their music uses elements of punk, hardcore and industrial metal, often with political overtones.
Includes a bonus CD with mixes by Justin Broadrick of GODFLESH.


Track listing

  1. Crawl
  2. Corporate Evasion
  3. Falter
  4. Dredge
  5. Eau Du War
  6. Our Souls To You (Part 1)
  7. A Public Display Of Anger
  8. Isolation
  9. September (Just Another Surrender)
  10. Love Is (A Warm AK47)
  11. Our Souls To You (Part 2)
  12. Crawl (Our Souls To You V2)
  13. Corporate Evasion (Our Souls To You V2)
  14. Falter (Our Souls To You V2)
  15. Dredge (Our Souls To You V2)
  16. Eau Du War (Our Souls To You V2)
  17. Our Souls To You (Part 1) (Our Souls To You V2)
  18. A Public Display Of Anger (Our Souls To You V2)
  19. Isolation (Our Souls To You V2)
  20. September (Just Another Surrender) (Our Souls To You V2)
  21. Love Is (A Warm AK47) (Our Souls To You V2)