Offerbeest - Afrika (CD)

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Maurice De Jong has never shied away from exploring the darker side of humanity, but for the latest project from the mastermind behind GNAW THEIR TONGUES and ADERLATING, he figuratively journeys to its heart. OFFERBEEST moves away from the stygian blackness and infernal churn typically associated with his work, but delivers its own slice of nightmarish qualities, deftly capturing all the strife, turmoil, and tribalism in a 7 track homage to the dark continent. With percolating frequencies, writhing beds of acrid, electrical buzz and vocals that spit in your face with a heartless and alarming hostility, Afrika feels reckless and unsettled. Recorded strictly with analogue gear with no samples or laptop, it is perhaps the closest Maurice has come to a true heavy electronics project.


Track listing

  1. Machete
  2. He Is My Master
  3. Violated
  4. I Am The One
  5. Cut Out Their Hearts
  6. Kill Everything In Sight My Brothers
  7. Chains