Old Tower - Grim Alchemy (Black Smoke Edition) (LP)

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Collects three EPs - Drachenblut, Finsterströmung, and Seelenasche - with previously unreleased music.

The alchemic trilogy has finally been concluded. The cauldron is frothing in full force. These recordings were originally presented on three separate EP's, each showing a different side from the project. From lo-fi dungeon explorations to medieval astral projections, this collection offers a wide variety of sounds and stories for your nightly inner explorations or journeys into the vast, cold unknown. To complete the full experience, additional unreleased recordings have been added to this collection under the name of Waldgeistär, delivering all the ingredients needed for this intoxicating potion. The blood of the dragon, the black streams, the ashes of souls, and the ghosts from the woods. Drink the darkness, and listen to DARK MUSIC!


Track listing

  1. The Silence Beneath Ancient Grounds
  2. Storms of the Dragon's Spells
  3. Drachenblut
  4. Saturn's Essence
  5. Moonchamber
  6. Finsterströmung
  7. A Weary Soul Transcends This Life
  8. The Chasm
  9. Seelenasche
  10. The Gallows on the Shores
  11. Pines and Mist
  12. Waldgeistär