Old Tower - Tales of the Mad Moon (2CD)

Old Tower - Tales of the Mad Moon (2CD)

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Granular compilation of early snapshots as could be captured on the daguerreotype camera traveling the stars into the past universe of OID TOWER. Includes the complete Grim Alchemy trilogy and bonus tracks, the Plague Harvest cassette, and the digital only Ruination, A New Dawn Cometh Part I and II. Make no mistake - this will not provide you answers to any of the tearing questions or origin stories. Merely a gateway - a dream into the present without a future, a future without a past...

Grim Alchemy to explore different aspects of dark music in short potions without a cure, Plague Harvest to reap what is sown for an early demise from natural causes, ambient and field recording statements of decay.
The Ruination, A New Dawn Cometh tracks are quite simply told literal ruins of a full-length album that never saw the light of day due to stolen documents and withering scripts, the ending of an era that shall remain in the dark. truly, the middle ages mean everything to the lost spirit...
The mad moon-grand death mask laughing at humans perched outside the heavens. Mischievous and treacherous, playful with the lives and death of curious and lost humans.


Track listing

  1. The Silence Beneath Ancient Grounds
  2. Storms of the Dragon's Spells
  3. Drachenblut
  4. Saturn's Essence
  5. Moonchamber
  6. Finsterströmung
  7. A Weary Soul Transcends This Life
  8. The Chasm
  9. Seelenasche
  10. The Gallows on the Shores
  11. Pines And Mist
  12. Waldgeistär
  13. Plague Harvest I
  14. Plague Harvest II
  15. Ruination, The New Dawn Cometh I
  16. Ruination, The New Dawn Cometh II