Omenfilth - Opus Sanguinarium (Cassette)

Omenfilth - Opus Sanguinarium (Cassette)

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Entwined by unrelenting soul from one of the most triumphant long-killing abhorrent assaults out of the Philippines, namely PATHOGEN, this time this UNholy land has a new spawn, OMENFILTH! Obnoxiously raging, violent and malicious heritage obsessed black metal from the deepest, darkest trenches with the lust for old-school metal, executing in the majestic spirit of ancient Greek and Swiss torchbearers like ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON and SAMAEL, a path less taken! The time has come for their debut full-length offering deservedly to be heard on another format. So it’s available now on commendable pro-tape, limited to only 113 hand-numbered copies! For those who crave for unearthing exciting, obscure hellish sounds from thy Southeast Asian underground, this is an album not to be missed!


Track listing

  1. Initium - A Requiem to Serenity
  2. Dawn of Damnation
  3. Equinox of Evil
  4. Fading Embers of a Dying Era
  5. Of Frost and Fire
  6. Coronation of the Serpent (Rotting Christ cover)
  7. Sepulchral Blasphemy
  8. Spilling the Blood of Nazarene Filth
  9. Omenfilth