Ophicvs - Azrever ne Alemamam (CD)

Ophicvs - Azrever ne Alemamam (CD)

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Monstrosity from Hell, OPHICVS from the ranks of his father Beelzebub unleashes his first blasphemous and solemn act of sonic steel. Returning to the roots of metal with primitive and uncompromised sound, worshiping the first wave of black metal, classic heavy, and rock 'n' roll with the best style of Goat Metal!


Track listing

  1. Taog Latemorcen
  2. March to Eternal Fire
  3. Whore of Babylon
  4. Blackout (Scorpions cover)
  5. Mother Death
  6. Funeral Infernal
  7. Gasmasked Goat Rock
  8. Yks eht ni Edir (Lucifer's Friend cover)
  9. Azrever ne Alemamam
  10. Madre Muerte (live)