Opium Warlords - Nembutal (CD)

Opium Warlords - Nembutal (CD)

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Albert Witchfinder (REVEREND BIZARRE) returns to doom-laden heavy metal with the fifth OPIUM WARLORDS album Nembutal. Whereas the first four OPIUM WARLORDS albums were a brute depiction of psychoses, their fifth offering NEMBUTAL is a sweaty return to a crystal clear existence after a most severe depression. It is a beautiful, multi-layered journey through a broken mind, inner suffering, and slow recovery; clean like a spring rain or autumn morning. It takes you on a trip that will leave you shaken, but purified.


Track listing

  1. A Heavy Heart
  2. Threshold of Your Womb
  3. The Destroyer of Filth
  4. Sarah Was Nineteen Years Old
  5. Solar Anus
  6. Early in the Morning the Body of the Girl Was Found
  7. Perspiring Princess
  8. Xanadu


...rabid doomhounds will need this album, even if just for the magnificent 19-minute opener, A Heavy Heart - a towering cosmic construction containing some of the juiciest doom Magister Albert has ever created, nailing each instrument with morose aplomb. Reverend Bizarre fans will already know he excels at resonant plummy vocals, dejected melodies and tilted, wraithlike riffs, but solid foundations are laid by his grooving bass flourishes and tight-but-loose drum work. - 4/5