Order of the Ebon Hand - XV: The Devil (CD)

Order of the Ebon Hand - XV: The Devil (CD)

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This black metal piece is named after the 15th Tarot card, an icon that connects ideological extremes with physical prowess that can devour a person if wholly given to them, rather than tame them. The music herein can be considered orthodox black metal but it also journeys through various unexplored fields, with occult – yet cinematographic atmospheres.


Track listing

  1. For Marchosias
  2. To Alloces
  3. Gateway to Silence
  4. The Visitors
  5. Eibon
  6. To Gremory
  7. Spellbound
  8. The Swordwraith (Unbroken Vow II)
  9. (You Are) The Gleaming King


It's atmospheric, steady, and slightly chilling black metal along the same lines as early Emperor. - 4/5