Oremus - Popioly (Digipak CD)

Oremus - Popioly (Digipak CD)

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The only release by this BLAZE OF PERDITION side project!

Ascend! Pestilence and decay swarms the rotting earth, To veil the hands of time and light. POPIOLY (Ashes) A journey through DEATH un-returned! To inherit the gift devilry and devotion, Onwards to the un-bringing of the sunlight sphere, To worship the icons of demise and to craft an incantation of end in every form! HIS will has been answered! Bow down, Ye feeble men, And behold... THE TRIUMPH OF DEATH! Features perveyors of the Polish Black Metal cult BLAZE OF PERDITION, presented on a deluxe 6 panel digi-pack.

Ashes of the world!
Ashes of faith!
Ashes of life!
Ashes of existence!


Track listing

  1. Siódma pieczęć
  2. Tyrana grób
  3. Popioły
  4. Białe oblicza