Orpheus - Philosopher of the Sublime (CD)

Orpheus - Philosopher of the Sublime (CD)

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Philosopher Of The Sublime, from England's ORPHEUS heralds the coming of a new, valiant force in the vibrant leftfied metal underground. An epic journey steeped in vast atmospherics and medieval romanticism, with it's heart in the past and it's eyes fixed firmly on the stars. A staggering concept for appreciators of Hammerheart era BATHORY, BORKNAGAR, FOREFATHER and the like, with a distinctly unique ambience and an expansive soundtrack vision.


Track listing

  1. Lost for Centuries
  2. To Resolve the Enigma of Defeat
  3. The Mastery of Freedom (If Only It Were in My Power)
  4. Philosopher of the Sublime
  5. Refuge over Avenger's Abbey
  6. It Shall Be Thus
  7. Whispering of the Stars
  8. Solemn Rites
  9. Vox Clamantis
  10. Tutelary's Loss of Albion
  11. Terra Incognita
  12. Thee and Deference to the Sea