Pagapu - Seven Days of Storm (CD)

Pagapu - Seven Days of Storm (CD)

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Tiempos de caos impera en este valle sedienta de sangre, una razon ...clamar venganza!!!

This compilation CD contains all Pagapu recordings! Arte, Magia y Sangre demo 2003 (also released as a split with Sarcoma), War demo 2005 and the unreleased demo Death Possession Armageddon!

Killer mysterious Peruvian pagan black/death metal revealing the ancient cults and the indigenous Wanka pagan culture from the Pervuan Andes.


Track listing

  1. Apu Wanka (Intro)
  2. Sangre y Muerte
  3. Tormenta
  4. Dias de Ira
  5. Wanka Attack
  6. Hate and War
  7. Dominum
  8. Enemy Blood
  9. Final Day
  10. Possession