Paleowolf - Primordial (Digipak CD)

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Paleowolf is a meditation to revive those dark, forgotten and mysterious prehistoric eon, spanning from the time before Man was born to the beginning of the paleolithic and neolithic ages. "Primordial" is reviving those ages, bringing the forgotten era of mankind's past into the eternal Now. This is the pre-language era, when all beings communicated only musically, with sounds and notes, as most beings still communicate now. In the early ages. Early humans communicated with symbols and sounds, that later evolved into complex representations that we now call "the language". In those mystical and magical days, shamanic, animalistic chantings were main channel of communication with the forces of Cosmos, forces of Nature and Earth.
Rejoice once more, Children of Earth, as the great and ancestral spirit manifests inside this world. Let us join the walk through the primal woods with the archetype of an ancient Shaman, the first and foremost connector of Nature's lost physical and spiritual realms.


Track listing

  1. Hunter
  2. Global Migrations
  3. Paleoforest
  4. Primordial
  5. Old Earth


It has a sense of urgency, as though speaking for an ancient way of life which knows of its coming decline; a feeling of power, yet of vulnerability and sorrow. There is perhaps no greater escapism for anyone or anything than to return to its most natural state. Primordial gifts us this. - 5/5