Pantheist - Pantheist (CD)

Pantheist - Pantheist (CD)

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Fourth album.


Track listing

  1. One of These Funerals
  2. Broken Statue
  3. The Storm
  4. Be Here
  5. 4:59
  6. Brighter Days
  7. Live Through Me


Pantheist have succeeded in making a very hard album to categorise, and for that they should be soundly applauded. Yes, it's funeral doom. It's also goth... and prog. Hell, you could even say it's easy listening in places. One thing that is unarguable though is that it is completely and thoroughly engaging. It's a piece of work that has many layers and levels and will draw you in and hold your attention. I imagine this is going to be a step too far for some fans, but for those who are willing to give this the time it deserves, this is a very fine piece of work and one which I feel is going to get even better with time. Highly recommended. - 4/5