Pantheon I - Worlds I Create (CD)

Pantheon I - Worlds I Create (CD)

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PANTHEON I are a brutal and aggressive, yet symphonic and melancholic black metal band from Oslo, Norway. Formed in 2002 by Andre Kvebek (ex-1349, guitar and vocals), John Espen Sagstad (SARKOM, guitar) and Eirik Renton (drums), PANTHEON I are now completed by Tor Risdal Stavenes (1349 / NIDINGR, bass), Live Julianne Kostol (cello) and new drummer Dan Theobald (TWISTED AUTUMN DARKNESS). Rather than utilising synthesizers loaded with strings samples, PANTHEON I use real insturments, giving the symphonic aspects of the band a more geniune feel. In addition to Live Julianne's cello, the band has also used a violin in the past. When the violinist (Gunhild Mathea Olaussen) left the band after the release of the debut album, however, they realised that the cello brought the symphonic quality they required and has since carried on without a permanent violinist.


Track listing

  1. Myself Above All
  2. Defile the Trinity
  3. Serpent Christ
  4. Ascending
  5. Burn the Cross
  6. Bannlyst
  7. The Last Stand
  8. Written in Sand