Parhelia - Shifting Sands (Cassette)

Parhelia - Shifting Sands (Cassette)

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Irish post rock, this tape edition includes bonus tracks taken from the First Light album, Oceans Apart album and includes a previously unreleased song Sunrise.


Track listing

  1. First Light
  2. Pacific
  3. Shifting Sands
  4. Perpetual Motion
  5. Storm Warning
  6. Our Ship Has Sailed
  7. A Second Changes Everything
  8. Inertia
  9. Time and Tide
  10. Sunrise


...this still stands as an enjoyable, highly professional piece of work, and one that stands alongside many of the recent efforts of their contemporaries - I found it a stronger, more compelling release than Chicago scene heavyweights Pelican's latest outing, City Of Echoes, for example. There's certainly plenty of promise here, and Parhelia are still a band in their infancy who possess the musicianship and ability to go on to bigger and better things. - 4/5