Pathogen - Gryphon (Cassette)

Pathogen - Gryphon (Cassette)

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Pro tape demo.

Brutal ancient morbid death metal from the Philippines!


Track listing

  1. Psychological Subversion
  2. Another Destructive Century (Intoxication of Violence Cover)
  3. Incestous Necrophilia
  4. Ode to the Macabre (Rough mix)
  5. Sa Landas Ng Diablo
  6. Lust of Evil
  7. Thresholds of Pandemonium
  8. Blood Orgy


I have a Pathogen safety, do not have the flashes of the great battleships death metal, however, have a constancy of purpose and steely attitude that make their "duties" are always carried out with care and respect for what they love. With what result? Simple, "Gryphon" is proof that their remain stable not a mistake and if you loved the works produced in the past, this certainly will not be the exception. - 4/5