Pendulum - Les Fragments du Chaos (CD)

Pendulum - Les Fragments du Chaos (CD)

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Here is the debut album out of the shadows just for sensitize your negative existence. PENDULUM with Les Fragments du Chaos offer a great raw and melodic black metal with tortured and depressive voice. 2 years of hard work on this opus for your end of life or depression if you are too low with all ingredients to become crazy!


Track listing

  1. L'Acier
  2. Le Verre
  3. Le Poison
  4. La Corde
  5. La Poudre
  6. Le Vide
  7. La Nature
  8. La Folie


By and large, we are served eight helpings of mid- to fast-paced blackness with plenty of melody, mid-song pace variations and a slight depressive bent. - 4/5