Penetration - Moving Targets (1990 Reissue) (CD)

Penetration - Moving Targets (1990 Reissue) (CD)

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CD version includes: Moving Targets (LP 1978), Don't Dictate b/w Money Talks (Single 1977), Firing Squad b/w Never (Single 1978), V.I.P. (B-side 1978)

Buoyed by the sheer magnificence of their "Don't Dictate" debut single, PENETRATION's debut album stands among the very last true greats of the first wave of British punk offerings. A glorious collision of adrenalized exuberance and astonishing energies, topped by Pauline Murray's unmistakably soaring vocals, Moving Targets wrapped 11 tracks across its two sides of vinyl, and it was the greatest indication of their quality that it wasn't till you reached the end that you realized "Don't Dictate" itself was absent. In its stead, "Stone Heroes," the explosive "Movement," and the swirlingly atmospheric "Vision" were all classics in the making, while a cover of Patti Smith's "Free Money" is simply spellbinding, crunchier than the original but more emotive, too. And then there's the opening bars of the title track, a hilarious reminder of how fast things were changing back then -- it's the Pistols' "Holidays in the Sun," and doesn't it sound old-fashioned! All of which illustrates the sheer versatility bound up in the band. In another lifetime, they could have given the likes of LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE a run for their money, at least in terms of demonstrating dexterity, and it was PENETRATION's bad luck that they were riding a wave that had little time for such abilities. Not that they allowed the disappointment to show. Moving Targets shrugs aside most of punk's archetypes as it rockets along, while the decision to cover the Buzzcocks' "Nostalgia" reminds listeners that PENETRATION weren't the only band around that didn't give a toss for fashionable accessories. Of course, that determination would lead to the disappointment of the band's second album -- and, thereafter, their demise. As of mid-1978, however, Moving Targets could only herald a dazzling future.


Track listing

  1. Future Daze
  2. Life's A Gamble
  3. Lover Of Outrage
  4. Vision
  5. Silent Community
  6. Stone Heroes
  7. Movement
  8. Too Many Friends
  9. Reunion
  10. Nostalgia
  11. Freemoney (Patti Smith cover)
  12. Don't Dictate Bonus
  13. Money Talks Bonus
  14. V.I.P. Bonus
  15. Firing Squad Bonus
  16. Never Bonus