Pensees Nocturnes - Vacuum (CD)

Pensees Nocturnes - Vacuum (CD)

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Depressive avantgarde black metal from France. Debut album.


Track listing

  1. Lune malade
  2. Flore
  3. Des-espoir
  4. Coups de bleus
  5. Epitaphe
  6. Repas de corbeaux


Subtle arrangements and intelligent strongwriting combine in creating a world where classical music meets Black Metal in a way rarely, if ever, recorded before. The long lasting, highly melancholic compositions are intense and soaked wet with darkness, just like the great cover art. I really enjoyed the lengthy musical breaks and the calmer acoustic guitar parts, as always. This time though, the piano plays a major role as a saddened nostalgic instrument, backed by a myriad of classical companions. The Black Metal moments are varied in paces, while the vocals are quite sick, tortures and reminiscent of Silencer in their intensity and madness. - 5/5