Pentagram - Day of Reckoning (CD)

Pentagram - Day of Reckoning (CD)

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Starting life in the early 1970s, US band PENTAGRAM are one of the most enduring and influential underground bands in heavy metal history. Influenced by British bands THE GROUNDHOGS and BLACK SABBATH, their own unique take on doom metal has subsequently influenced everyone from PARADISE LOST to CATHEDRAL.


Track listing

  1. Day of Reckoning
  2. Evil Seed
  3. Broken Vows
  4. When the Screams Come
  5. Burning Savior
  6. Madman
  7. Wartime


...not only Pentagram's best album but one of the strongest that doom has to offer. The band retains the chemistry seen on Relentless but also trumps it by giving an improved production job to the perfect balance between their 70s heyday and the heavy Death Row sound. - 5/5