Persistence in Mourning / Vomir - Split (Cassette)

Persistence in Mourning / Vomir - Split (Cassette)

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Split release between Oklahoma based funeral doom band PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING and french HNW (Harsh Noise Wall) project VOMIR. PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING's side presents three tracks of slow, crushing and hateful funeral doom laced with obscure sounds and terrifying vocals that creates a truly unique, chilling atmosphere. VOMIR's side presents another unshifting, uncompromising HNW track. Punishing HNW at its best.

Pro-duped cassette housed in a hand-made, hand-numbered package with insert.


Track listing

  1. Persistence in Mourning - We Are The Lost
  2. Persistence in Mourning - Epoch Of Denial (Sinister Cover)
  3. Persistence in Mourning - Stinking Of Fever
  4. Vomir - Untitled


As good as harsh noise performer Vomir is, he comes second place to Oklahoma's Persistence In Mourning on this split. What Persistence In Mourning do here barely has any relation to doom in the traditional sense - maybe on the very outskirts, if anything - their side of the cassette is voiced by Burns Unit choirs with frequencies like swarms of flies. If Persistence In Mourning are going to continue down this bedraggled vein any further, then things are going to get fucking brilliantly out of control. - 4/5