Perverted Ceremony - Sabbat of Behezael (Cassette)

Perverted Ceremony - Sabbat of Behezael (Cassette)

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Gone are the sampled intros of satanic sexual ritual that prefaced most songs on the demo. Though quite appropriate for that type of release, such an inclusion would have proven to be a distraction on a full-length album, and instead they are replaced with more minutes of the band's own depraved ceremony. Also notable is the inclusion of a greater number and variety of riffs and tempo changes. Individual songs alternate within themselves from blisteringly fast tempos to black doom sequences reminiscent of Norways FAUSTCOVEN. The sum of these qualities, both formerly established and newly awakened, promise to make Sabbat of Behezaël one the highlights, if not THE black metal beacon of darkness of 2017.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Black Fur Demoniac
  3. Necrolactation Unborn Goat
  4. Woods of the Black Offering
  5. Crypt of Behezaël
  6. Whips of Impurity
  7. Fullmoon Sacrament
  8. Dark Necromancy
  9. Nightmare Consecration