Pestilence - Obsideo (CD)

Pestilence - Obsideo (CD)

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The final PESTILENCE album!


Track listing

  1. Obsideo
  2. Displaced
  3. Aura Negative
  4. Necro Morph
  5. Laniatus
  6. Distress
  7. Soulrot
  8. Saturation
  9. Transition
  10. Super Conscious


Obsideo is not the heaviest Pestilence album, but it is certainly the most refreshing since their return to the scene. And although some of the riffs do bear some semblance to those on Doctrine, Pestilence have finally made their mark and proven that their return isn't the false start everyone was quick to speak of. The musicianship is extremely impressive and although Patrick Mameli's vocals lack the killer instinct of all those years ago, Pestilence circa 2013 is most certainly a force to be taken seriously. - 4/5