Pharaoh Overlord - 4 (CD)

Pharaoh Overlord - 4 (CD)

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The riffs! The riffs! If Quasimodo played guitar instead of church bells, this is likely the kind of music he would play. PHAROAH OVERLORD are Finland's finest retro-metal activists and this, clearly, is their 4th record. By the first 30 seconds of album opener "Now We Know" you'll know what to expect - riffage of the highest order.


Track listing

  1. Now We Know
  2. Ridin'
  3. Secret Chamber
  4. See Me Evil
  5. Demons in the Rising Sun
  6. Dark Side


I know you have never heard of this, but this is a genuinely fantastic, instrumental, heavy stoner rock/krautrock trio (guitars, bass, drums). Heavy repetition builds up trancelike patterns of mind-melting rhythms & sounds. Just when you think it's about to get a bit repetitious, it switches gears & launches into something new. The only thing I can think of to compare it to is imagining early Black Sabbath meeting Gunther Schickert, with Gunther being the leader... - 4/5