Poison Headache - Poison Headache (CD)

Poison Headache - Poison Headache (CD)

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Written and refined in the members' spare time over several years, songs like "Sin Eater", "Conspirator", "Death's Design", and "Discloser" evolved to raw perfection. Largely simple by design - hardcore with HM-2 heaviness; speed metal with streetwise attitude - the songs jump out, their purpose understood and their power unchallenged. Clearly, POISON HEADACHE weren't averse to trimming the proverbial fat, while also paying very close attention to ensuring assembly wasn't piecemeal and that transitions, in particular, weren't haphazard.
If it's not the songs that stick out and stab in, then it's the dense yet clear production. Split between Taylor Young's (NAILS, TWITCHING TONGUES) The Pit and Sgrosso's home studio, Poison Headache was recorded, mixed, and mastered over a seven-week span. The drums were recorded at The Pit, while everything else was personally helmed by Sgrosso, as both engineer and producer. Young also handled mixing duties, with mastering completed by Brad Boatright (BLACK BREATH, INVERLOCH, SLEEP) of Audiosiege Mastering. The results, naturally, speak vehemently for themselves.


Track listing

  1. Sin Eater
  2. Pity The Backseat
  3. Rot With Me
  4. Conspirator
  5. Gray Skies
  6. Benumbed
  7. Death's Design
  8. Hail, Colossus
  9. Never. Again.
  10. Discloser


Bastard of ENTOMED, NAILS and HATEBREED. Buy? Absolutely! - 5/5