Power From Hell - Devil's Whorehouse (CD) Power From Hell - Devil's Whorehouse (CD)

Power From Hell - Devil's Whorehouse (CD)

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For over a decade now, Brazil's POWER FROM HELL have been something of a cult institution in the metal underground. In many ways, Devil's Whorehouse is the perfect distillation of the POWER FROM HELL experience: immediately headbanging mini-anthems extolling the virtues of every evil, all draped in deliberately crude production that oozes atmosphere. Naturally, the band's moniker gives some clue as to where their allegiance and influences lay, but other "Class of '84" names like BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, Japan's SABBAT, and very early SLAYER should spell in no uncertain terms what kind of black METAL the duo of Sodomic and Tormentor favor most. But it's the ghostly yet still-aggressive aura surrounding Devil's Whorehouse that really sets POWER FROM HELL away from the pack, and closer to primitive isolationists like COUNTESS, GRAVEWURM, and Canada's MEGIDDO. Enter Devil's Whorehouse and let the ancient ritual begin!


Track listing

  1. Old Metal
  2. Revelations of the Flesh
  3. Howling at the Blood Moon
  4. Armageddon
  5. Nightcrawler
  6. Torture Garden
  7. 666 Ways to Blasphemy
  8. Black Forest
  9. The Evil and the Lust Never Sleeps
  10. Mais um Ano Esfria (Velho cover)
  11. Long Road to Hell


Power from Hell capture everything that was hellish about first album Bathory, inject a dash of Schizophrenia-era Sepultura, then layer it all in an unhealthy amount of evil. - 5/5